The Health Center

Komotobo Health Center was one of the first working areas to put Komotobo Mission and Maranatha on the map. It started off in 1968 ÅR with a small clinic, but was soon to be expanded to a health center with out- and inpatients, maternity and a mobile clinic. It has served Kuria well and has made medical care available to many who would else be forced to manage without.

Since the options for medical care are now many in Kuria, Komotobo has chosen to keep only the health clinic running. Currently It can receive 12 inpatient and supply most of the needed drugs. 6 people are working there and since the Clinical Officer Simon Chacha Wambura lives within the mission compound emergency cases can also be handled outside office hours.

As the health center is a close neighbor to Komotobo Children’s Home, it has an important role to play for the children. Medical care is easily available 24 hours a day and thanks to that the lives of many children have been saved.