The Handicap Center

Komotobo Handicap Center was built in 1992 with the intention to give children with physical handicaps the possibility to go to school without having to walk far every day.

The Handicap Center is situated right next to Komotobo School, where all the children in the dormitory are students. 25 children, both boys and girls, can be accommodated in the handicap center and 2 staff work as matrons. The children can be aged between 7 and 22, as long as they are registered in Komotobo School.

When the school day is over the children are involved with the household work and as far as possible the center resembles a normal life at home.

Through guidance and funds from Komotobo Mission the children can be helped with necessary operations or else with useful equipment adjusted to the particular physical limitation of the child. Many handicapped children, who would have had a tough situation in the home and in some cases would not even have survived, have been given the possibility to go through education as well as physical operations and training, in order to get a well functioning life as youths and later adults.

Gate leading up to Komotobo Handicap Center and Komotobo School

Komotobo Handicap Center

"Komotobo Primary Shool and Handicap Home was officially opened by mr. Finn Forsberg..."