The Deaf School

Komotobo School for the Hearing Impaired was started in 2000, on initiative by missionaries from Trosgnistan in Sweden. By then the school had about 5-10 students and only one teachers, Samuel Kebokero Marwa who is now the Head Teacher. The School was growing fast and after one year the had 24 students and three teachers.

Since then it has been growing and today it is a boarding school with approximately 100 students and 14 teachers, with the first teacher, Samuel Kebokero Marwa as the head teacher.

The school accommodates students with hearing impairments, all the way from nursery school up to primary school (class 8). All teaching is done in English sign language, which requires that every teacher is trained in special education.

The school also accommodates some few blind students, since there is no other blind school available in the

area. One teacher is working with them and the children are boarding together with the hearing impaired students.

Sports and dancing are some of the important activities of the students’ everyday life and Komotobo School for the Hearing Impaired regularly attends local, regional and national school competitions, mostly with very good results.