About us

Komotobo Mission is a part of the Kenyan church organization Maranatha Faith Assemblies (MFA), whose mission is to reach the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to improve the social welfare and the status of the poor and needy. Komotobo Mission shares the vision of MFA Kenya:

A Transformed and Glorious Church Ready for the Second Coming of Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Komotobo Mission

Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to All People and to Improve Social and Spiritual Status of the Poor and Needy.

Core values:

  1. Uphold FAITH in Jesus Christ as our foundation
  2. Esteem LOVE for God and humanity
  3. Promote JUSTICE among all people
  4. Encourage COMMITMENT among all members
  5. Regard HONESTY in the stewardship in God’s creation
  6. Advocate HUMILITY as the mark of service
  7. Acknowledge the SANCTITY of human life.

Komotobo is a mission station with many different areas of work, with most of its focus on children. It is situated in the southwest of Kenya, deep down in the green and well cultivated Kuria area. The eastern district of Kuria, Nyabasi, is where Komotobo is located and from here it is close to the Tanzanian border as well as to the national park Masai Mara.

Komotobo Mission possesses a compound of around 18 acres, where most of the work takes place, but some areas of work are also situated outside the gates. Many people are involved with the daily work, both employees and volunteers.

Komotobo Mission is founded on Christian faith and this affects the daily work in the whole compound. For example it is natural for the children to say grace before eating and also the schools have morning prayer every day and Bible teaching one morning a week. All employees in Komotobo share the Christian belief and three mornings a week we gather for morning devotion.

Komotobo Mission is mainly governed by a board compiled of the heads of the different working areas combined with people from the society around. The board further appoints a manager, who is the one in charge of the day-to-day activities in the mission.

Komotobo Mission is currently cooperating with two other organizations. It is the Swedish mission organization Trosgnistan, which once founded the mission and now is our main sponsor. Secondly it is the Kenya department of the world wide aid organization World Vision, with whom we cooperate in certain aid projects.